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Savannah Cats

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Savannah Kitten Testimonials

Savannah Kitten Testimonials

Savannah Kitten Testimonials

My F4 came from Michelle Montijo. And I couldn’t be more happy. I love this girl with all my heart and recommend Seaside Hills Savannahs wholeheartedly! Thank for such a sweet tempered girl!

V. Spires

Savannah Kitten Testimonials

Savannah Kitten Testimonials

 Our family is so happy with our new girl from Seaside Hills Savannah’s! I was also very happy with the excellent customer service Michelle Montijo provided, she was very quick to answer any and all questions I had. I’m so glad we found Michelle from Seaside Hills, and that she blessed us with the opportunity to own our gorgeous Oriak! We are so happy with her baby girl and we would recommend Seaside Hills to anyone.

A. karakoussis

Savannah Kitten Testimonials

Poseidon Is now 10 months old! We love this baby boy! Thank you Michelle Montijo at SeaSideHills Savannah’s!

M. Mckeachinie Davis

Almost a year since we got Archer. He is such a big, beautiful kitty and the sweetest guy ever. Can’t wait to get our little girl!

L. Rawlings 

 Thank you so much for our Savannah! The girls have named him Alex ........

A. Lang

This is our Athena, we love her so much!  She is a kitten with a big personality, don’t think we could have a home without a Savannah. We have two now from Seaside Hills. Michelle has done a wonderful job with these mighty babies! Thank you Michellevfor matching Athena to Lola and me, we love her! 

Elena Andrad-Moom

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